Container Covers and Shelters To Adelaide, Brisbane & All Australia

Protect your precious goods and equipment.  CroftGAC manufacture a range of shipping container covers providing total weather protection for storage of materials or equipment including, trucks, boats, cars, aircraft, workshops or amenities areas. Our container cover brand is “CONTAIN-A-COVERS®”. 

CONTAIN-A-COVER manufacture and install a wide range of shipping container shelters and covers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and every other Australian location.

Our dome shaped shipping container shelters are galvanised steel frames clad with a flexible high tension fabric cover, which are erected between shipping containers, creating temporary or permanent storage areas.

Able to be mounted directly to shipping containers or to posts and available in a variety of sizes and wind ratings for all locations and applications, these are a versatile and flexible storage solution.

They come in a range of widths starting at 6 metres through to 20 metres.  Our shipping container roof structures are suitable for many industries including mining, transport, industrial, commercial and storage.

Our professional team can complete installations Australia-wide

We offer delivery and installations in all areas of Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Launceston, Perth and Darwin. With our strong delivery network we deliver to regional mining locations.

Shipping container covers are supplied as a D.I.Y. kit with assembly instructions or can be erected by our experienced staff. The shelters are engineered to suit most wind regions within Australia.


Designed for every container

The team at CONTAIN-A-COVER offer a complete domed shelter solution offer. From engineering, shipping container sourcing or working on one off customised special builds, you will be satisfied with the quality of work and customer service. We are happy to look after all your shelter requirements.

Our goal is to provide an affordable, versatile turnkey solution for the safe storage of precious equipment and goods across the country. We understand that every industry faces its own challenges in terms of weather, climate and location and we strive to provide a product that adapts to your environment. Rely on sturdy Australian manufacturing to get you the protection from the sun, the wind and the rain that you, your staff and your equipment need.

We are also proud to offer affordable, modifiable second hand shipping containers for use as storage or temporary workspace. With painting, customisation and delivery all readily performed by our experienced team, there’s nothing you have do beyond pick up the phone to get reliable storage solutions.

If you’re looking for durable, easily-maintained container shelters, look no further than CONTAIN-A-COVER. With a minimum part lifespan of 10 years, our products are solutions for a week or for a decade. For more information or to make an order, contact our friendly staff at our Melbourne office on 1300 096 461 or email us your questions at


Contain-A-Cover is designed, engineered, marketed and manufactured by a privately owned business CroftGAC

Our new product:  We now design, manufacture and install a range of walkway shelters and container roof awnings perfect for attachment to portable amenities buildings. Our walkway shelters can be customised to suit your needs.


Recent Projects

dome roof shelters
Domed Roof Shelters
Transport Workshop
CONTAIN-A-COVER Engineering Ballast Hold Down
Shipping Container Cover 9m wide with engineering computations
End Wall Fabric
Marquee Client 6m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT customised
Industrial Client 3x structures 12m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KITS doubled stacked
Education Institution 14m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Transport Client 16m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Aviation Client 12m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Rail Client 6m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Mining Client 12m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Caravan, Boat and Recreational Storage Client 14m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT
Winery Client 9m wide CONTAIN-A-COVER KIT