Dome Shelters

Nothing but the Most Durable Dome Shelters in Australia

Know with total certainty that your equipment, personnel and goods are protected. CroftGAC offers you the CONTAIN-A-COVER line. These are high-quality, durable structures, and we are proud to offer our steel framed dome shelters for sale.

Our dome shelters are available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and everywhere in between, meaning no matter what industry you’re in and wherever you are, you can get a CONTAIN-A-COVER structure to suit your needs. With the ability to be fastened shipping containers or mounted to posts, our structures offer flexibility and the convenience of easy set-up no matter the situation.

With a roof made from Canvacon 7000E polythene fabric, you can rest assured that your goods and equipment will be out of the weather and protected from the elements. Canvacon is a durable fabric equipped with a UV block out that reduces sun absorption. Its high rate of reflection means the temperature under the shelter is kept low compared to similar structures.

Proper care will ensure that your Canvacon roof will last between eight years and a decade, but care must be taken not to over or under-tighten the fabric. When your fabric roof does reach the end of its life, we offer replacement covers for sale. Just replace the roof and keep the existing dome shelter’s frame. Completely renew your structure for a fraction of the cost of a new structure.

Dome shelters for all industries across the country – Sydney to Adelaide to Melbourne

Our dome shelters are perfect for industries as diverse as mining, industrial, defence, aviation, agriculture and sports and recreation. With their low cost and easy set-up that can be accomplished with our DIY kit, CONTAIN-A-COVER are also viable for personal storage by private residents. Our professional team can also be relied on to quickly and efficiently install our shipping container domes and walkway shelters.

An all-Australian, family-owned business, we understand what our clients require from their dome shelters. Australia’s size means requirements for a shelter in Melbourne could be completely different to one in Sydney or Adelaide. We work with you to establish what your local conditions are to give you the best shelter possible.

Contact us today to order your dome shelter

Talk to us today to discuss your options. Call our Melbourne, office on 1300 096 461 to find out more or to place an order or email us any questions at With so many sizes and models for sale, we are confident we have a solution to your problem.